quantum backups

How quantum; a backup consists of 3 states

Well, the blog is back online from github pages after my cheap VPS host decided to cancel on me. They did claim to send out warning emails, but I never saw them.

No issue I thought, I make regular backups to github. Or do I? Turned out I sort of did..but considering the blog hardly never contained anything world shattering, I never verified those backups worked.

I concluded that a backup consists of 3 possible states:
- not made
- made, but not verified
- made and verified

So I lost my milnet writeup; kind of annoying but hardly a loss to the world of information security.

More annoying was that the VPS also was used as my tdlr.nu email relay. I was unable to receive any mail for a period of time; and while not too many people mail me on this domain (thankfully), if I missed something send it again.
Since then I’ve moved my email to a premium account of Protonmail with which I am incredibly happy. They provide a very nice and quick guide to setup your MX, DKIM, DMARC and SPF records. Using Postmarkapp I will even get free notification mails if my domain is being used for spam purposes.

tl;dr: I’m an idiot for not verifying my backups. Lessons learned.