Rowhammer primer

Attending whiskeyleaks on the 19th of september (organized by @WhatSecurity), I saw one of the talks will be about a special type of Rowhammer attack called Flip Feng Shui. It can be used to influence seperate virtual machines on the same hypervisor and was created by Kaveh Razavi, Ben Gras and Erik Bosman. While I heard about Rowhammer, I’ve never invested time into actually reading up on the how and why of it. Below is a tl;dr style writeup of what Rowhammer is and why it works. Personally I am hoping that with this information I will be able to understand the talk on Flip Feng Shui ;)

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An evening spend in the Twitterverse API

Into the Twitterverse, number 2!

I’m an avid user of Twitter, mostly because it’s generally a great way to keep in touch about whats happening in the infosec world. You can’t keep an eye on everything yourself, but if you follow the right people there is hardly anything interesting that you will miss. Obviously following too many people just ends up in random noise, so I try avoid that.

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